Frequently Asked Questions

Why a planner?

We can go on forever about why a planner is so important. Or you can read these very helpful blog posts about the importance of a planner:

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Planning a wedding is not easy! It takes a lot of research, organization, and knowledge. Could you plan a wedding by yourself? Of course you can, but it is probably going to be much more stressful, much more time consuming, and not guaranteed to be perfect. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, why risk it? 

It is also important to remember that your friends and family are wedding guests too and having them "work" on your wedding day is not fun. Not only should YOU enjoy your wedding day, but so should your guests. 

What sets A.R.E. apart from other planners?

We believe in the personal connection with all of our couples. It is important for us to get to know each and every one of our couples to fully understand your wants, needs, personality and style. This will help us to select the perfect vendors your wedding day! This also helps us make decisions "like you". We like to think of our couples are friends, not clients. 

What are your prices?

​No two weddings are the same, so why price them the same? We believe in catering to YOU. Therefore we customize a personal package quote for each and every couple. When you contact us we will match you with one of our planners that matches your personality, style, and budget. Then after an initial consultation we will construct a personalized quote for you. We do not charge for consultations!

How to you come up with your customized package prices?

We take a number of factors into consideration. The location, time of year, budget and wedding size all come into play when we construct your package price. Each of our planners also have their own pricing structure. We match you with a planner that will best fit your budget and style. 

On the wedding day, do you have team or is it just you?

This will depend on your particular wedding. Depending on the size and needs of your wedding, we may have an assistant help us on wedding day.

What areas of Indiana do you cover?

We are based in Indianapolis but we are willing to travel to all areas of Indiana including outside of Indiana. We also do destination weddings!