"I cannot begin to describe all the wonderful things Jodie did to make our wedding such a success! In every step of the process she was the epitome of hard work and professionalism. 
My husband and I are both in the Navy and live in California.

I am not from Indiana and the thought of planning a wedding from half the country away while my fiancé was deployed and my schedule didn’t allow me to travel was daunting. Finding Jodie was a life saver! The wedding would not have been possible without her. She kept us on track throughout the planning process and found amazing vendors that were not only perfect for our vision but within our budget! Jodie bent over backwards to work around our busy schedules. The wedding far exceeded any of my dreams and that was because of Jodie.

When the day finally arrived, I was worry free because I knew Jodie had everything covered. I highly recommend hiring her. You could not go wrong!"

- Kelsey & Ben

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Paris and Henry

"Jodie was a huge help and I can't imagine doing this without her! She recommended some of the best vendors - our videographer, photographer, and florist were recommendations of hers and they were amazing! We booked our venue without seeing it first and she went and checked it out with my parents before booking. On the day of the wedding, Jodie was at the venue first thing in the morning and did an amazing job setting everything up just as we talked about. During the reception she made sure my husband and I had everything we needed at all times. I had absolutely zero worried the day of our wedding and that was one of the most important things to me. I can't think Jodie enough for all her help. Our wedding day was the best day I could imagine."

-Kayla and Ryan

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Sandy and John

"Jodie did an absolutely fantastic job planning our October 2015 wedding. She worked collaboratively with us, including us enough to make sure our vision came to life, but not so much as to overwhelm us. She kept our heads straight throughout the process to help us stay on budget as well as to make sure our priorities were met. The upfront timeline and budget that she created for us was useful and she made our pre-wedding visits (3) to Indy efficient. She was a wonderful resource to bounce ideas off of, was always honest with us, and took the time to understand our vision. Most importantly, Jodie and her team ensured that our wedding day ran absolutely smooth-as-can-be. As the bride, I didn't notice anything amiss- she kept the entire wedding party on schedule, and coordinated all of the vendors and wedding events to a tee. We couldn't have imagined a happier day; and so much of it was thanks to Jodie running the show."

- Jenni & Courtney

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Kelsey and Ben
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Jenni and Courtney

"Jodie at Aisle Ready events truly made my wedding spectacular! She is incredibly knowledgable and is extremely organized and detail oriented, she is also and incredibly friendly and nice person. Jodie went above any beyond to make sure there were no worries or stress on my wedding day, she even drove to my house to get my veil when I forgot it the day before my wedding. I don't know what I would have done with out her. I highly recommend using Aisle ready events for your wedding, you want to be able to enjoy every minute of it and Jodie makes that possible!"

- Katie & Trent

"I cannot imagine finding another wedding coordinator as good a Jodie very easily. She was on top of every single detail and was insurmountably helpful in any way a bride can be helped. I would highly highly recommend Jodie to any bride who has been planning the majority of their wedding and need a trustworthy and understanding coordinator to make sure the big day goes right."

- Mona & Inhan

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Christine and Travis

What Couples are saying about Us!

"I worked with Jodie for the "month-of" my wedding, and I think it was one of the best decisions I made! Our wedding went without a hitch, and my husband and I owe so many thanks to Jodie (and her day-of assistant) for that.

Jodie was was responsive, friendly, and easy to work with right from the get-go. Then we met with Jodie about a month before the wedding and she went through our details very thoroughly. She truly listened to us on how we imagined our special day, and made recommendations along the way to better help our wedding day run smoothly.

I know myself, and I was bit worried that my wedding weekend would be stressful, but I was truly able to enjoy the entire experience and know Jodie had everything taken care of! I never had to worry about our vendors, decorations, or timeline because she had it all completely managed.

Jodie is extremely organized and professional and I highly recommend Aisle Ready Events to any bride!"

- Rebekah & Joe

"Jodie was instrumental in pulling off the wedding we dreamed about! On the day of the wedding she did so much: helped set up, coordinated with our other vendors, arranged my train and veil before I walked down the aisle, made last-minute changes to the seating arrangement when there were a few no-shows, made sure we got appetizers and drinks when we were taking pictures during cocktail hour, helped me to bustle my dress when my bridesmaids couldn't find the bustle points, packed up the things we needed to take home, and even sewed a button back on the groom's tux! Not to mention all the behind-the-scenes work she did that I didn't even see! There were several points throughout the day when something would come up, and all we needed to do was let Jodie know, and she took care of it right away! It made the day stress free and allowed us to really enjoy the day."

- Christine & Travis

"Jodie. was. amazing. She gave us honest advice and input when we needed it and stepped back when we knew what we wanted. On the day off she-herself was running around physically making sure everything was done just right- she is not afraid to get sweaty to get the job done. She wanted our day to be special for us not because of the paycheck but because she has a heart for people and treated us as if we were her only clients and extended family. I give Jodie my highest recommendation- she is goofy, cheerful, honest, professional, and extremely talented at what she does. You can tell this is her passion."

- Stacey & Kyle

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Shannon and Sean
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Ashely and Bryan

"When my mother-in-law asked my husband and I what we would change about our wedding, neither one of us could think of a single thing and we owe it all to Jodie Stansbury and her staff at Aisle Ready Events!! We chose the full planning package for our NYE wedding because we had the vision but I have never planned an event on that scale and since you only get one shot I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I would suggest a wedding planner for anyone getting married and Aisle Ready Events is the best! Jodie researched and negotiated with our vendors and her extensive knowledge of the industry and Indianapolis made that process so much smoother. She was able to get us discounts and compiled the very best "team" of vendors that fit our tastes and style perfectly. We told her our vision and what she delivered was even better than we ever imagined. She has a very creative mind and an eye for detail that really impressed us. There were small details we never would have imagined that she threw out off the top of her head that made the overall feel of our wedding and reception seem very professional and beautiful. All of this while being conscious of our budget. Jodie also made the day of the wedding 100% stress-free for me and my husband and also our mothers. It seemed like she was in a million places at once and answering everyone's questions. I could go on forever. We seriously couldn't have asked for more. I would recommend Aisle Ready Events to anyone getting married and I wish Jodie all the best!!!"

- Elizabeth & Rashad

"We just had our wedding this past weekend, and I can say that I SEVERELY underestimated the amount of support we needed to actually pull off a flawless wedding (which we did, thanks to Jodie and her assistant!). Our wedding would NOT have been the same without her help--we kept saying how we didn't know how we could have done anything (the rehearsal, wedding) without her. Jodie was one of the first people there and the last to go home, and worked tirelessly in-between to set up decorations, keep everything moving, prevent disasters, and help pack up--all with a smile on her face for me, which helped keep me happy and calm! She took all the decorations I had supplied and somehow made our ceremony and reception space look even better than I had planned/imagined! At the end of the night, I was amazed to be able to walk out the door and onto our trolley without having to pack up a single thing...Jodie and her assistant had done it all! So many of our guests and vendors were impressed by her. I'm still hearing things from vendors and guests about how "This went wrong, but Jodie was there to help..." Without her, I truly feel like everything may have fallen apart--Instead I keep saying "Everything was perfect!" You can trust Jodie and her team to do a phenomenal job for your wedding, and they're worth every penny. Your wedding day is no day to play Superwoman!"

- Sandy & John

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Katie and Trent
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Kayla and Ryan
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Danielle and Bill
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Mona and Inhan

"Jodie was great. She helped us stay on track with the calendar, vendor meetings, budget. She was available for questions/concerns when we had issues with needing a new DJ (she had someone in mind that was amazing, reasonably priced, and had done events at our venue before when our venue wasn't well known) as well as when we had issues with our catering company. Where Jodie really shines is in her day of coordination/styling. What I wanted most in a wedding planner was for me to come to the venue on the day of my wedding and not worry about anything, and that is exactly what happened. Our venue didn't have any coordinator with it so having Jodie was a godsend. She worked tirelessly the night before (at the rehearsal) and the wedding day to set up everything. It was so beautiful. More than I could have imagined. Even when we ran low on alcohol, her assistant ran out to get more. Jodie's day of expertise was worth the full amount we paid and she helped with so much more prior to the actual wedding day. Hiring Jodie was easily the best decision we made for our wedding, she truly made our day what we dreamed about."

- Ashley & Bryan

"Jodie was such an amazing help as the day of coordinator. I could not have left the wedding in better hands!! She is so professional, friendly, knowledgable, outgoing, and just completely awesome. She made sure every last detail was perfect and was able to let me just enjoy the day without any worry. I could not have asked for a better coordinator. I would highly recommend Jodie for a wedding planner or a day of coordinator. I am so thankful for Jodie! She is amazing!!"

- Shannon & Sean

Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Rebekah and Joe
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Stacey and Kyle
Indianapolis Wedding Planner | Aisle Ready Events | Liz and Rashad

"Jodie is one of a kind. The best of the best EVER!!! I can not imagined our wedding without Jodie, she has gone above and beyond for our wedding at Scottish Rite Cathedral Indianapolis . I wasn't sure at first if we needed a wedding planner. We both have been working a lot but also wanted a perfect planned wedding. So we started looking for a wedding planner and found Jodie. After speaking to her, she made us feel so confident that she would made our wedding so perfect in every ways. We seriously thank you from the bottom of our hearts and for making our dream wedding came true. XOXO!"

- Paris & Henry

"Jodie was fantastic to work with! We contacted her late in the process to help with day-off coordination and she was quick to respond, hustled to help us with last minute details, and went out of her way to provide day-of items we were lacking. There is no way our rehearsal or wedding would have run as smoothly as they did without her help! She kept us stress-free and made sure things ran according to our vision. She is very professional but fun and easy to work with. I'd highly recommend her!"

- Danielle & Bill