WEDDING GUESTS: Attire Do's and Dont's

Wedding season is in full swing! And if you are here, then you must have been invited to a wedding. Congrats! Weddings are super fun but we know figuring out what t wear can be a little daunting. Well here are some do's and dont's to follow.

Photo by Jennifer Van Elk Photography

Photo by Jennifer Van Elk Photography

DO Follow the Dress Code

If the couple has taken the time to tell you what the dress code is either on their invitation or their wedding website, you should follow it! Heres a quick guide for reference:

Black Tie- Tuxedos and Long Formal Gowns
Formal/Cocktail Attire- Suites and Ties (tux optional) and formal dresses either long or cocktail length
Semi Formal- Suites and Ties and Cocktail length dresses
Dressy Casual- Dress pants with button down shirts (tie optional) and sundress or dress pants/skirts and blouses. 

Dont know the dress code? Look at the venue. The venue can many times give you an indication of the dress code. A ballroom style venue can be assumed to be more formal, while a garden wedding or beach wedding can be assumed to be cocktail style or dressy casual. 

DON'T Wear White

We shouldn't even need to say it but it never fails, at almost every wedding, there seems to be someone who breaks this rule. While some couples may not care if you wear white, the last place you want to find out whether they care or not is at the wedding. This also applies to off white, ivory, eggshell, diamond white and any other variations of white you can think of. Some champagne colors may even be too close to white to wear.

The only time we feel white may be ok is at a garden or beach wedding and the dress is white with heavy (emphasis on HEAVY) florals. We feel you may be able to get away with this. But we do suggest to play it safe and just avoid if you can.


DON'T Wear Jeans

Just using the words "jeans" and "wedding" in the same conversation makes us cringe. We are sorry but in no circumstance if it ok to wear blue jeans. A wedding is a special occasion which should be treated as such. So go out and get yourself some dress pants! This is a must. No excuses! 

DO Respect Cultural and Church Weddings

If you know that a wedding is a cultural wedding, do a little research and find out what is appropriate and not appropriate with that culture. This could pertain to anything from colors to what body parts should be covered. You would never want to wear something that could offend the family or couple at all.  

If the ceremony is in a church it would be wise to dress somewhat modestly. Covering your shoulders is something we suggest to do and can easily be done with simply adding a shaw. 

Photo by Crimson Blu Photography

Photo by Crimson Blu Photography

DON'T Wear Something Too Sexy or Overly Reveling

This is not the MTV movie awards or a nightclub... this is a wedding. It is a family celebration so dress appropriately. This is not the time to show off your new beach body.  So if you wouldn't wear it in front of your own grandmother, then you probably shouldn't wear it to a wedding. There are plenty of ways to feel and look sexy without reveling too much.


DO Wear Comfortable Shoes

Its a wedding so you can assume there will be dancing... lots of dancing. So we suggest bringing along a pair of flats to change into incase your feel start hurting. We never suggest to go barefoot. If drinks are served in glassware there could be a chance for someone dropping a glass and breaking it. You would never want to get hurt. 

And one last piece of advice..... its better to be overdressed than underdressed. ;-)

What is some of the worst things you have seen people wear to weddings? Let us know in the comments below!!!